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4 Easy Steps to A Perfect Girl’s Night In (Warning: May maintain contain Nostalgia)

4 Easy Steps to A Perfect Girl’s Night In (Warning: May maintain contain Nostalgia)

It’s the first week back after spring break and after exploring (and being a little rude to your budget) it is the perfect time for a relaxed night in. Lucky for you, I have the perfect steps to creating the best possible girl’s night in. Remember, real friends will accept and love you no matter what. But if you host the best slumber party they’ve ever attended, then they will love and accept you a whole hell of a lot more.



1. Create a snuggly environment

I am a firm believer that at home movie nights can be even better than making the trek out to a theater. Make your living room as warm and comforting as the womb you crawled out of. Compile as many supplies as you can; pitch a tent, build a fort of blankets (but remember to save a few for later), or if you have room, toss your mattress on the floor. Figure out if you’re all going to lay facing a laptop, curl up on the couch to watch the TV or starfish, sprawled out to watch from a projector. Whichever option you choose is bound to be fun, but they all require a different amount of space and with that, varying numbers of pillows (or sloth stuffed animals).

Love Island plays on a laptop. Placed in front of posters, on a blanket
Don’t have a TV? No problem! Just cuddle around the laptop with some blankets and stuffed animals.


When are you watching these movies? If it is during the day, use tapestries to cover the windows and prevent glares. Watching at night? The yellow glow of string lights is much more relaxing than your energy-efficient LED bulbs, so hang as many as you have around the room to keep the ambiance without compromising your viewing.

Blanket fort above with string lights as New Girl plays on the TV
Blanket forts really make it feel like a slumber party when you were younger. Just be sure it is stable, this one fell on us halfway through!

2. Stock up on Snacks

Welcome to adulthood, a place where mom won’t make your dinner and dad won’t sneak you the unhealthy snacks she didn’t approve of. Luckily, you don’t even need to think about what to pick up, I have you covered. The perfect party needs a great dinner, snacks, and drinks.

Kroger sells a personal pizza with goat cheese and roasted veggies as good as any gourmet pizza you’d get somewhere like MAFIAoZA’S. They also carry frozen macarons, ice cream, and the ever-nostalgic Sour Patch Watermelon. But the best treat for your party is the $2.99 Bay Bridge White Zinfandel. Bourgeoisie wine on a college girl budget. If you don’t think the veggies on your pizza make these snacks healthy, pick up some dessert hummus and pizzelles (or I enjoy dipping Cheetos in, but that has been heavily debated). Girl’s night is your chance to pig out so try the weird flavor combinations!

Pizza and Shamrock Shakes in front of TV playing Irish Movie 'Grabbers' on St. Patrick''s Day
On St. Patrick’s Day I watched the Irish movie ‘Grabbers.’ For the holiday, I obviously needed a Shamrock Shake with my pizza!

3. Just warming up

To get things started, break out the games. I’m talking Quiplash, Mario Kart, Rock Band, and maybe a few board games. This will get everyone in the mood with crinkle-nosed smiles, pig snort laughs and the creation of a judgment-free zone that lends itself to deep heart to hearts. I always prefer to let the tears flow before watching a movie. If you wait until the climax of the film, your sniffle nose will ruin the important scenes and leave everyone asking “wait, what did he just say!?!” Another pro-tip, since the new season just dropped, maybe pop on an episode of Queer Eye. Those activities just act as the opener, building anticipation before your slumber party main event, drumroll, please! 


Image result for drumroll gif


Image result for drumroll gif

Image result for drum roll gif michael scott




4. Movie Marathon


Relive Your Childhood:

Princess Diaries


The Lizzie McGuire Movie

She’s the Man

Cinderella Story



Breakfast Club


Almost Famous

16 Candles

Breakfast at Tiffany’s



Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Baby Mama


Easy A

Iliza Shlesinger: Elder Millennial (Ok, it isn’t a movie but I absolutely love this comedy special)



27 Dresses

The Last Song

Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List

Mamma Mia

Confessions of a Shopaholic


Cult Classic:



Scott Pilgrim VS the World

Wet Hot American Summer

Empire Records





Pitch Perfect


Mamma Mia


Am I dreaming, or did I just give you the perfect beginning to a slumber party? Extend your movie marathon for a few more hours and blow your friend’s minds with your amazing movie night! While you wait for them to clean their brain spillage post-explosion, check out my other posts for more fun friend-date ideas. To get you started I have some awesome day trips to Leiper’s Fork and St. Louis, or if you want to stay local, adapt my date ideas into friend dates here.

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