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4 Great Ideas to Up Your Dating Game

4 Great Ideas to Up Your Dating Game

Valentine’s day was last week and love is still in the air. The chocolate is 50% off, stuffed animals are at the front of every Walmart, couples are unusually happy, and spring is on the horizon with promises of warm weather to help relationships bloom. For all the happy relationship types and swiping singletons, I have some great Nashville date spots to keep the energy high. Whether you’re five years deep or you’ve sent each other three Tinder messages, these dates will be a fun break from the mundane.


1. Drop some subtle hints at Love At First Sight! Animal Rescue

We both know you only swiped right because of the dog in his profile, so think about how much more you’ll like him when he’s surrounded by cute pups! Now, I’m not suggesting you take the relationship so far as to raise a pet together. Although please suggest it to your Tinder date and let me know how it goes. But remember if he agrees, something is wrong and you must RUN. Take the dog, steal a car, run for the hills.

The Love at First Sight! Animal Rescue lets you play with the animals in a designated play area or take them on walks. Plus, it is a no-kill shelter which means you won’t feel guilty leaving without your new friend. What better way to get to know someone than to see their compassionate (if not slightly emotional) side!


Cost: Possibly a few tears when you leave


2. Out of this World Dates at the Adventure Science Center

Few dates are more romantic than stargazing, but between the cold and light pollution, that’s not the easiest date to set up. Luckily, the Adventure Science Center has a planetarium with a 63-foot dome illuminated with 6.5 million stars. Think that’s too much for your date? They also have laser shows that set the mood for some cute hand-holding, without screaming “ROMANCE ME! LOVE ME!”

Special events like their “Way Late Play Date” series for adults 21+ and activities like yoga under the stars are two other great ways to try something new and fun.


Cost: $15.95 for entry, $19.95 for general admission and planetarium access



3. Play Tourist for A Day at the Bluebird Cafe

Locals tend to avoid tourist activities like the plague, so most haven’t been to the prime Nashville destinations. The Bluebird Café is an intimate, 90 seat venue featuring local, up and coming songwriters and artists. It is famous for features on the hit show Nashville and for performances by country stars like LeAnne Rimes and Taylor Swift.

If you’ve ever driven by, you already know the insane lengths that people will go to get a seat and it is time to see for yourself what all the hype is about. Waiting in line is a great chance to get to know one another while sipping a coffee and talking to some tourists.  This is a great date for the social butterfly, because like it or not, odds are you will be at a table with 3-4 other people and waiting in line for a few hours with a few dozen others. The early bird gets the worm and you can always try to make a reservation online.


Cost: $10 food/drink minimum per person, + $3 reservation fee



4. Hey Babe, Take a Walk on the Wild Side

As we all know, it is great to get our endorphins rushin’, hearts beatin’, and get a little sweaty on a date *wink wink*. Of course, I’m talking about going for a walk around the neighborhood. Just like you used to do with your grandmother when you were growing up! But, I like to think that there was one person who skimmed that really quick and instantly went from thinking about sex to thinking about their grandmother. That was solely for the one person out there, but that’s what you get when you don’t take the time to read my blog.

Seriously though, walking is a great chance to talk and statistically, dates that involve exercise are better rated than your classic dinner and a movie. So, next time you’re looking for a date spot choose a neighborhood you don’t usually visit and walk around. Areas like 12 South and the Shoppes on Fatherland are filled with boutiques, restaurants, and places to grab a snack. Popping into different stores gives you a comfortable break in conversation and offers a million opportunities for flirty banter.


Cost: That one ridiculous item you buy just because you thought it was funny



Let me know if you try any of these ideas or what your favorite date spots are in the comments below! Sign up for my mailing list here to have more content like this delivered straight to your mailbox!

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