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How to Gain Exclusive Access To Events in Nashville

How to Gain Exclusive Access To Events in Nashville

Since moving to Nashville, “Have you seen any celebrities?” is one of the first questions my family asks me when I get on the phone. When I was first accepted to Belmont, they sent out a postcard with all the things to do in the city, including being an extra on the TV show Nashville. Eventually, I was fortunate enough to act as an extra (and get paid for it!) before the show concluded.

It seems like everyone in Nashville has had their moment in the spotlight. My coworker was featured in a Kopecky music video, the girl sitting next to me in class was in one for Cage the Elephant, and last year it seemed like everyone met Brad Paisley at his video shoots. If you’re looking for your five minutes of fame, then here are the best resources to find opportunities to act as extras and get exclusive access to award shows and performance tapings.



CMT Mailing List

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a CMT Crossroads taping featuring Boys II Men and Chris Young. CMT Crossroads is a filmed concert featuring a famous pop artist and a popular country artist playing together. They trade-off performing hits from both groups and duet each one so it almost feels like one super group. Since signing up for the CMT emailing list, I have attended tapings featuring Kesha and Old Crow Medicine Show, Zac Brown Band with Shawn Mendes, and now Boys II Men and Chris Young.

Boys II Men and Chris Young perform on a purple stage for CMT Crossroads
I was lucky enough to watch Boys II Men and Chris Young from the side of the stage.

As an attendee, each show follows a similar formula. You wait in line, go through security, doing camera tests, waiting, and watch the show. Unlike most tapings though, this one is relatively painless. Although there are wait times between songs they are short. This is when the crew prepares and reviews what they just filmed and are about to record.  The artists stay onstage and interact as if it were a normal concert. The smaller setting makes this even more enjoyable as they are more willing to talk to the crowd.

If you’ve ever wished for a performer to play a song again, then this is your perfect show. Often one or two songs need to be played a second time either because something was off on the first take, or the camera crew needed an extra second to capture the magic. Overall it just feels like an intimate concert with your favorite artists.

Shawn Mendes and Zac Brown Band perform on a red stage for CMT Crossroads
Shawn Mendes and Zac Brown Band had a great performance, but I am still salty they didn’t play ‘Chicken Fried’

As a student, I am a member of Grammy U. The organization hosts and partners with music industry events to give aspiring professionals access to exclusive opportunities. They send out emails and updates when they host events. But if you aren’t a student, don’t fret!  You can also sign up to receive CMT emails on their website.


1 iota Events

The next service to sign up for is 1iota events. Boasting access to shows like Good Morning America, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and The View, 1iota recently expanded into Nashville. Talk show fans can enjoy tickets to tapings of Pickler & Ben almost every day of the week and they offer both morning and afternoon sessions for filming. Kelly Pickler hosts alongside Ben Aaron in a farmhouse styled set to bring you the best cooking and DIY tips, with a focus on lifestyle, celebrities (be sure to check out who will be a guest at your taping!), human interest stories and more. Sadly, there aren’t many award shows in the spring, but in the fall 1iota also offers tickets to the CMT Music Video Awards in June. Sign up for their website here and while you’re at it, why not sign up for my mailing list here?

Fans pose with a sign for the tv show Pickler & Ben
My friend Audrey and I had so much fun at the Pickler & Ben taping last year
Confetti and balloons fall from the sky at the CMT Artist of the Year awards
The CMT Artist of the Year Awards were live in Bridgestone Arena. The huge venue meant that there were even more seats for fans and seat fillers.


Facebook Pages

I’ve told you about ways to get into special event performances and tapings, but there are other options too. If you want to let your inner actress shine, then these groups are your ticket in. More and more TV shows and movies have been using Nashville to film and there are a ton of opportunities here. I have found two reliable Facebook Pages that work with producers to find extras. The first is On Location Casting, once used by the show Nashville to find and hire extras. The best part is you don’t need any experience to hop onto their site or get invited on set!  The second page is Audience Co, they focus on a wider variety of events around town. I’ve seen them promote opportunities to work as extras and ways to gain access to events like the CMAs.

Whether you played as Tree #5 in your kindergarten production or performed on Broadway, these are great ways to get access to exclusive events and tapings. Be sure to sign up for my mailing list here to find out about other great things to do in Nashville! If you go to an event, tag me on your posts so I can follow your adventure. I’m on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr!


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