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The Perfect Rainy Day in Nashvile

The Perfect Rainy Day in Nashvile

The ridiculous rain has been driving me crazy this week, anyone else feel the same? I know the rhyme about April showers bringing May flowers, but I don’t remember anything about February showers. If you can’t see any benefits we can recoup this early in the season, I am here to help. Although we would all love some sunshine, these rainy-day activities will help you to embrace the cold.

If you seem to be starring in your own feature film “Seasonal Depression 2: Return of the Winter Blue,” then this post can help be your comeback after a blockbuster flop.


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buy Keppra Snack at the Grilled Cheeserie

Just like duct tape is the first thing you reach for when you need to fix, well, anything, cheese should be the first snack you reach for when you need a good comfort food! Grilled cheese is especially great for a rainy day when your jeans refuse to dry and you’ve got the chills.

My personal go to is the spinach and artichoke melt. The Grilled Cheeserie must practice dark magic because every bite offers the same stretchy, melty, wonderful cheese that you always craved after watching the Ninja Turtles eat a slice of pizza in your favorite cartoons. This sandwich has the power to melt even the coldest hearts and paired with a cup of warm tomato soup it can be the ideal lunch break on a damp day.


browse around this website Upgrade from Netflix at the Belcourt

On rainy days all I want to do is cuddle up on my couch with my laptop and a soft blanket. But don't give into that temptation! Pop into the Belcourt for a documentary or art film and impress your friends with your cultural knowledge instead. This non-profit has been running since 1925 and even offers student discounts and matinee tickets for $9. They often host special events and movie marathons featuring both local and international films. Not only is the theater breathtaking after a 2016 restoration, but it offers wine and other alcoholic beverages at the full bar. Don’t worry, they still have the movie theater classics, popcorn and candy at the concessions stand!



Exercise the Fun Way at the Brentwood Skate Center

Much like elementary school, where after sitting in class for a few hours you had recess and the wonderful opportunity to stretch your legs and get some energy out, I suggest after a movie you get some energy out as well.

Remember when you would test your friendships by running up to someone, screaming “trust fall” and collapsing to the ground, hoping they would catch you? Now that we are older we have some more extreme trust falls, and one of my favorites is roller skating. I think of it as trust falls on steroids. Except instead of trying to catch each other, you accidentally fall directly in front of your friends and pray they are coordinated enough not to plow into you. Although it requires sharper skills like patience, coordination, and a true sense of self to gain an accurate understanding of your roller-skating abilities, at the core it is the same fun feeling as when you were younger. 

Back in the 70s, roller disco was the greatest after school activity. The King of Roller Disco created a formula that will help you to showcase your grooviest moves today. Space + The Beat = The Stride. Be sure to test it out as you're skating around to  unleash your inner 1970s disco diva.



Warm Up With Firepot Tea

Nothing is more perfect than watching the rain through a shop window, both hands firmly grasping a cup of tea with a whole pot placed next to you on the table.

Meeting for tea is a tradition that has spanned centuries and on a rainy-day, friendship is the best thing to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Share a pot with some friends, but remember we are talking about legal herbs here. Some of my best conversations and favorite memories have been shared over a pot of tea and Firepot Tea Bar offers the perfect atmosphere to do so with comfy seats and throw pillows to really get warm and fuzzy.


I hope you take some of my ideas and create your perfect rainy day! Be sure to share it with me on Instagram and Facebook!


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