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28 hours in Saint Louis

28 hours in Saint Louis




Although we would all love the opportunity to take big trips to exotic places, life gets busy and it just isn’t possible. Sometimes you just need to work with what time you have, pack a bag, hop in the car and drive. For me, that meant a quick trip to visit some friends in St. Louis, MO. I was only in town for about 28 hours, but we packed our time chock full of the best places the city can offer. We actually packed it so full that I had to split this into two blog posts! So make sure to check out part two here! Whether you’re planning a trip yourself or just looking for inspiration to get out of your city, here are some top destinations you don’t want to miss.


Day One: Saturday


I have this magical ability to leave on time (or close to it) and still manage to be late no matter where I go. I blame genetics. My mother is late, I am late and eventually, my descendants will be late too. Despite my plans, I didn’t officially arrive in St. Louis until about noon, but that gave us the perfect opportunity to grab lunch.

We started our day catching up over smoothie bowls at Hello Juice in The Grove. Walking in, I instantly felt better about my lack of exercise and the Burger King meal I ate on my drive. Have you ever been somewhere that just felt so healthy that you could feel your cells repairing themselves? It was like my fat melted away just by sitting in the natural sunlight surrounded by plants.  With wicker seats, large planters, and a grass wall behind the juice bar, it seemed like the kind of place you’d find as you step off the beach into a luxury resort. The relaxed environment was the perfect destination for our first meet up in months, but I could have stayed for hours.


Find Your Artistic Inspiration

After filling up on antioxidants and vitamins, we headed over to the Pulitzer Arts Foundation for the last day of their Exhibition, Ruth Asawa: Life’s Work. Although this exhibition has concluded, the foundation constantly has different exhibits rotating in and I am sure they will find a worthy successor. I was so blown away with the works that I still wanted to share them here.

The exhibition showcased 60 sculptures and 20 drawings and collages spanning the whole of Asawa’s career. To take a tour through her entire lifeworks was incredibly powerful and it was so interesting to see how some of her latest pieces revisited ideas she explored decades earlier while studying art in college. Asawa’s artistic style consisted of looping and interweaving wires to create large sculptures. Many of these were created from one piece of wire looped through each other to create hanging pieces five to six feet long, filled with optical illusions.

Through her usage of blank spaces, transforming heavy metals to create an illusion of weightlessness. The program included a quote that “I am able to take a wire line and go into the air and define the air without stealing it from anyone. A line can enclose and define space while letting the air remain air. You can see right through most of my sculpture.” Each piece was incredibly detailed and many of the drawings included in the exhibition were 2D recreations of her sculptures, featuring hundreds if not thousands of meticulously drawn lines.


The Pulitzer was an incredible museum and it only took us about an hour to walk around the whole exhibit. We were on a time crunch so we never had the chance to view the exhibition downstairs, but we did walk through the outdoor installation.

The effect could have been altered because of the snow on the ground and climbing up the side of the structure, but honestly, I didn’t understand the piece at all. It was a large metal installation consisting of a path that you walk through, circling around until you reach the center. I will be the first to admit that I am not the most cultured person around. I do try, but I am afraid I am just not deep enough to truly appreciate art.  For instance, this was supposed to symbolize perspectives and a profound understanding of life, but really it just felt like an access point for aliens to abduct me.

This was not my only theory of the day. While viewing one of the final pieces in her collection, I made an important discovery about Ruth Asawa. Although she never got much recognition in her time, Ruth was actually a part of the Illuminati! Several sculptures seemed to have Celtic inspired symbols, but this one was special. It appeared as an eye in the center of an equilateral triangle, but you can decide for yourself.



In between activities, we had to run several errands so before we even realized, it was already dinner time. We stopped at Pappy’s Smokehouse for dinner but this wasn’t your ordinary barbeque. They smoke their meats for 14 hours! Then you have your choice of four homemade sauces to top it off with. Pappy’s is a St. Louis staple and you may even recognize it from Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. The restaurant has signed memorabilia on the walls from celebrities that have feasted on their famous barbeque. You can do the same as I did and gawk at the menu signed by Nick Jonas. We love to make sure that the places we go to are frequented by people we know.



After a few hours of catching up, getting settled, touring Washington University (my friend’s alma mater) and watching an on-campus production, it was time for us to grab a drink, or three to be precise. Narwhal’s is a relaxed bar serving handcrafted frozen drinks, following our theme of beach vibes in a landlocked state. With our $14 flights of three 7oz drinks in hand, we made way outside to find seats. Despite the snow, the outdoor seating was still cozy thanks to the fire pit and space heaters surrounding us. We all tried each other’s drinks and there wasn’t one I didn’t like. The group favorites were the Blueberry Moscow Mule, Chocolate Mudslide and Irish Coffee.

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